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Make a mobile app. Manage your community. Delight your members.

Squarespace for community mobile apps (but easier)

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a mobile app with no code

You can't build it in your sleep (yet).

But you can build it from your bed.


Normally, building an app takes months.

With us, you can have an app in 15 minutes.


Our apps are intuitive, simple, and easy to use. Adding portals and content to your app is as easy as jotting down notes.


We believe that every community and organization should have the opportunity to have a mobile app. That's why we believe in fair pricing, flexible to any budget.

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your community from your phone

Send powerful, targeted communications as easily as you send text messages.

Targeted push notifications

No more spamming. Say exactly what you want to say to exactly who you want to say it to. 

Banner messages

Communicate important information to everyone with a lasting banner messaged displayed at the top of your app. 

All from your phone

Manage your community directly from your phone. You can literally do everything you need to do from the comfort of your bed. 

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your members

Your members are each unique.

Please don't make them use an app that treats them all the same.

Customizable by every user

We let every user completely customize their own user experience, so they can easily access whatever they care about most.

Decide what interests you

Allow users to pick and choose which notification they want to receive! Keep members engaged and interested in what they value most. 


Your communtiy will love your app. Keep them engaged and informed even when they leave.

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Why go mobile?

4.2 hours per day are spent per person on their smartphone.

1.7X more online traffic comes from mobile devices than desktops, in the US.

9X more time is spent on mobile apps than on mobile websites.

20,000+ people use Seabird Apps products.


Since the beginning, we've focused on the user experience.

After years of testing and millions of data points, we have built the most intuitive design on the market.

Most app companies care more about their sales force than their products. We believe our product should sell itself.

We use powerful, cutting-edge technology, to solve your organizational headaches.

Why Seabird Apps?

What can our apps do?

Don't settle for "features". Your community deserves superpowers.

Infinite push notifications.

Flexible, unlimited content.

Entirely customizable by user.

Built for communities and organizations of any size!

Beautiful, data-driven user experience.

Fully cross-platform.

No extra maintenance for you.

Loved by thousands.

Don't just take our word for it

Here's what our users say:

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