Our Mission

To provide the most                   mobile app for everyone at your school

At Seabird Apps, we devote our time every day to working with schools because we want to solve one of the most basic problems they face: Keeping up with the latest technology is difficult. It took several years after the Internet became widespread for every educational institution to have a modern website that students, families, and faculty could use to get the information they needed. Now, at the peak of the next major technological shift, we want to help schools bring their communities swiftly into the future.


Students, parents, and everyone today spends a massive portion of their time using their smartphones. Students also spend most of their time either in school or doing work for their classes. When these worlds (frequently) collide, many students find themselves frustratedly navigating unoptimized mobile websites, often wasting time and sometimes missing information altogether. We're here to fix that. 


As recent graduates ourselves, we are keenly aware of what a mobile app needs to have in order to be useful and elegant. Seabird Apps began six years ago as a few college roommates simply making apps for their own use. It has since grown to a powerful, data-driven team producing the absolute best school apps around. Our strong mission and customer-first approach is consistently making schools happy around the world.


We're excited to invite you along on our journey. Let's build your school an app you can be proud of!

Sean Cann

Co-founder, CEO

Tyler Fisher

Co-founder, COO